Stacy Cummings - Bass

In 1979, Stacy began playing on stage with local Chicagoland bands. He mastered his bass, electric guitar & mandolin, and continued his spread across the land. He has played all genres of music & played with these bands as time has gone on: False Arrest, Bad Attitude, The Southern Echoes, Rat Salad, Bronze Halo, Scrambled Ant, Phat Phucker, Early Lemont Metal Band, The Green Light Goes, Heritage, West 34, Gringo Star, Garage Band, Friends & Haggis. He also played with Espionage in Florida.

In 1996, he joined up with Ted Aliotta from Aliotta, Jerimiah & Hanes (Hit song "Lake Shore Drive" in the 70s) & continues to play with Ted Aliotta & The Groove Machine today.

In recent years, he has played with the Johnny Amatto Band, Girl's Night Out & D-Rox. One thing you should never do to this man... NEVER try to take his music away!

Lisa Hinerman - Lead Vocals & Latin Percussion

    1989-2001 Lisa wrote original music for bands, with bands & with individuals all over Chicagoland, as well as doing fill in lead vocal work for festival bands, recording studio work, writing harmonies and recording with local artists, etc. She is still writing originals on the side today.

   During that time, she was involved with Talismen, Media, Bow Echo, State & Lake, Soul Power, and ended up with originals being played on Chicago radio, as well as being a co-host on a local cable access show called Music Beat, which featured local bands like Holland, 7th Heaven & great guitarists like Micheal Angello Batio. 

   In 2006, she met guitarist, Eric Potesta & embarked on this great cover band journey called Identity Crisis. The rest, is history.

Eric Potesta - Lead Guitar, Keys, Synth & Background Vocals

In 1983, Eric made it onto the Chicagoland music scene & on stage with Crimson Edge. He continued to play on stages all over this area with bands like Chops, The Tim Goran Band, Fast Action & Ruckus.

In 2006, he met singer, songwriter, Lisa Hinerman while fumbling around with an acoustic guitar while he was at work & together they embarked upon a new musical journey with no musical limits! This... is Identity Crisis.

Rod Ciombor - Drums & Percussion

Rod began his music career playing drums in the early 2000s.  As a graduate of Vandercook College of Music, he studied percussion under Kevin Lepper and Brett Kuhn, and gained experience performing a wide variety of music in different solo and ensemble settings. 

Throughout his career,he has performed in cover bands, such as The Great Unknowns and HitStorm, and original bands, such as the Brandon Von Vacik Band and Validity, at events and venues large and small... most notably the main stage at House of Blues and Cubby Bear in Chicago. 

 In addition to performing, he keeps busy teaching private music lessons, composing, and doing freelance sound and DJ work.  Rod enjoys using his musical skills to help people dance, party, and have a good time, and he hopes to do the same for you!